The Value of the DeBox News Release Service



To help businesses, startups, SMEs, individuals, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) reach their intended audience, Online PR Service DeBox offers a press release distribution service that is available in 20 languages across more than 30 countries.

The Value of the DeBox News Release Service

DeBox's "pay as you go" pricing model does away with monthly contracts while yet offering the same high-quality services as conventional PR firms. DeBox provides a comprehensive service by handling all phases of press release production, dissemination, and analysis.
Within 4 business days of receiving your brief, DeBox's editorial staff of seasoned journalists will draft and send press releases for your approval.



Distributing press releases is the quickest and most efficient method to get important information into the hands of journalists and the media who can then spread the word to their intended audience.
Whether a company is just starting out or has been around for a while, sending out a press release is a great method to get the word out and improve the public’s perception of your brand. This straightforward method of content promotion is often used to announce significant developments or draw attention to newly introduced offerings.

When distributing a press release, what factors should one take into account?

It’s not certain that your press release will get widespread publicity just because you sent it to every editor and writer in the world.
In contrast to promotional materials, the goal of a press release is to improve the public’s perception of an organization or an individual.
It is important to know the publication policies of the channels, the publication periods, and the agenda in order to ensure that the press releases distributed to the intended audience are read by the appropriate people at the appropriate times.
To maximize the effectiveness of press release distribution, it is important to split media lists, identify sector-specific news sites, news websites, and blog posts, and target journalists based on their specific areas of expertise.

Press releases optimized for search engines improve a company’s visibility online and raise brand recognition.
The substance of the press release, the publication schedules of the outlets to which it will be sent, and the overall agenda all play a role in determining when it will be sent. This will put you in the ideal location at the most advantageous moment.
Both the press and the intended audience may benefit from the increased visibility that comes from a well-executed press release distribution strategy.
The press releases you’ve sent out will ensure that your company is always covered by the media and may be found in web searches conducted by your customers.
When a press release is sent via the appropriate channels, it drives targeted visitors to your own website.
The more people who see your content on the web, the more likely they are to follow you on social media.

Exactly what advantages does a PR firm provide to business-to-business companies?

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is a dynamic field, and so too must be the strategies that businesses use to connect with their customers. To remain competitive, firms can no longer depend exclusively on conventional advertising strategies but must also use newer, more cutting-edge ways.
Public relations (PR) is an example of such a strategy. Raising awareness, receiving favorable media coverage, and establishing connections with influential figures are just some of the many benefits a B2B business can reap from working with a skilled public relations firm.

DeBox has a staff of seasoned journalists that will produce press releases that are both in line with your company’s objectives and assured to be picked up by major international news outlets.


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