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Our export specialists will assist you in locating distributors and agents in foreign markets

It's challenging to get into a new market even if your company has extensive export experience. Debox experts collaborate with local export developers in over 30 countries that are fluent in the target market's native language and culture. They provide advice on market entry strategies, introduce you to relevant contacts, and help your export team get started.
Our team will track out the most suitable agent or dealer for your needs.


We find you the right agent or distributor

To reach consumers, you must get the services of an agent, distributor, dealer, or franchisee. We’ll help you find them, and we’ll make sure they sell. The following procedures are often carried out if you have little prior expertise in the new country:
We analyze market potential by considering market size projections, key competitors, and potential distribution routes, then present our findings to you.
Together, we’ll figure out the most effective marketing approach and methods of communication. We lay out who and how you want to work with as a channel partner.
We create a database of prospective business partners or clients. If they express interest in collaborating with you, we will reach out to them. The exchange of information and responses are recorded.
This usually yields a shortlist of two or three viable, interested businesses. We’ll set up introductions between you and these businesses. You’re welcome to go forward at this point, or you may continue to rely on our assistance.

a well-coordinated strategy for entering a new market

We can assist you with validating your overseas distribution strategy for the markets where we are present, whether it is well-defined or more intuitive. You may enter the market more quickly and with less risk if you depend on our local knowledge to guide you through challenges such as consumer acceptance, law, competitive positioning, and distribution channel selection.
An in-depth proposal is something we're pleased to supply. Get in touch with a member of our staff, or use the button below to have someone reach out to you.
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We can also be your agent or local representative

Our ability to act as an agent or representative on the market’s behalf is contingent upon our having first been acquainted with your company via our market research. For instance, if you wish to sell a product via several distributors but there are just a small number of customers in the market, you may need to consider other distribution channels. There are several things that we can handle for you:
Setting up meetings between your company and potential distributors/customers to negotiate a contract and first order.
Keeping an eye on distributors, retailers, and sales, as well as discussing ideas to increase product sales. We can recognize legitimate problems and reduce justifications for poor communication.
Implementing a regionally specific marketing approach that we will develop together.

Make agreements with foreign parties

You make calls and make trips all over the globe as an international company manager. However, attracting the attention of foreign businesses is challenging. No matter where in the world you go, you will always be a stranger. To effectively negotiate the appropriate agreements, proper intelligence is essential. When you work with Debox's professionals, they will inform you about the business, advise you on how to effectively position your product, and introduce you to individuals in positions of authority.
In more than 30 countries, we offer in-country specialists who will keep you competitive with your (potential) business partners. We will keep you up to date on local market trends and put you in contact with relevant people to assist you in establishing yourself as a worldwide leader in your area.


Global marketing and distribution networks

Creating a successful foreign distribution strategy requires finding viable export markets, locating appropriate distribution channels, and determining the best market positioning for your product or service. This necessitates expertise with the market in issue as well as a meticulously devised plan.
Do you wish to learn from the errors of others? Debox specialists help you in designing and executing the best possible road map for entering new markets, with local knowledge in over 30 countries. We’ll be at your side through each of the ten procedures outlined here.
Choosing the First Country
Checking the Market
Rules and regional customization
Choosing the First Country
If you want to offer your products or services on a global scale, you must first comprehend their demand. If you want to take cybersecurity courses, you may have to go to countries with the most developed IT industries. The countries with the oldest populations are the most important in terms of hearing aid sales.
If you want to grow your firm, look for locations where demand for comparable goods or services is expanding. As a result, newcomers have the best potential chance of success. Otherwise, you’ll need an “edge over the competitors” that others will find tough to imitate.
General country data, such as that accessible in the World Bank database or on websites like Trademap, may assist you in making an initial selection of a few nations that look to be intriguing.

Checking the Market

You may cut down your probable country selection if you have access to international trade data and have done some desk research. However, you should also consider the amount of competition. It may be easier to compete if there are multiple smaller competitors rather than one giant one. You won’t be able to survive in the long term unless you have a distinguishing advantage over the competition or meet a specific market demand.

Teamwork and expertise

One of our team members will be in or near your country of origin and will speak your language; another will be an export developer in your nation; and a third will be a colleague with expertise in your sector.

Breaking into the Market

When you partner with us, you will have a clear and well-defined route into the market. Everything from picking which country to debut in to creating a presence in that country’s market and linking you with the right distribution channels. Everything is done to increase sales.

Distribution marketing

Use local expertise to assist your agents and distributors in doing a better job, or look into other distribution possibilities.

Sourcing from Around the World

We will do market research and identify the most trustworthy providers to support your purchasing selections.

We're here to assist you with:

Willing to work with:

- SMEs
- MNCs
- Government Bodies
- Celebrities and Healthcare Organizations

Once you've located a trustworthy business partner in the sourcing country, a Debox expert may work as a part-time employee of your company while remaining in close contact with you. We may serve as your representative, maintain efficient communication, keep track of your local business partners, and assist you in resolving any issues that may emerge. We're here to assist you with:
(Re)negotiations with vendors
verifications on the ground and
addressing shipping and clearance complications.
We will accompany you whenever you come over to strengthen the connection, discuss new needs, or hunt for alternative providers to minimize your trips.

Market verification check

When doing the market verification check for our customers, our local partners in the country often focus on the following:

The feasibility of marketing your items in their specific markets. Is what you’re offering useful, and does it correspond to area norms and preferences?
Publicly available market size data.
Multiple potential routes for product dissemination.
Competitors and their price ranges.
We’d like to talk with you about how to successfully join the market for your company based on our results and your international knowledge.

Rules and regional customization

By not learning the language, you may avoid being immersed in the legal bureaucracies of another nation. Our local colleagues in as many countries as you choose, on the other hand, will study the applicable legislation and give you a report on the following:

Is it possible to use credentials earned at home (such as licenses, permits, certificates, and exams) in the destination nation?
Do you know whether there are any import levies or taxes that might change your profit margins?
Should all relevant paperwork be translated into the local language(s)?
Find out where your new product fits best.
What are some of the more broad constraints placed on labels and how they must be worded?
Do you need the services of an attorney, a customs broker, a distributor in your area, or the formation of a new company?

Aside from that, it is completely your responsibility to adapt your product or service, mode of delivery, marketing materials, and approved payment methods to the local market. Debox professionals can assist you in making the best decisions.

How to Locate the Best Retail Outlets

When establishing local sales operations in a new area, you normally have three options:
Departments at the local level. This includes recruiting people and facilities, as well as launching all marketing. It is often the most costly method of entrance, but it allows you total distribution control. It may operate well in larger markets with little cultural distinctions from your native country.
Collaboration with channel partners. Distributors with shipping and importing experience can sell goods in overseas marketplaces quickly and easily. When promoting services or specialized products, agents or resellers may serve a similar function. This will help you access new markets at a reasonable cost.

Debox employees cover over 30 countries and have over a decade of experience selecting the finest channel partners for their customers.

Conferring and Contracting

Despite typically favorable first contacts, the accurate test comes when talking with a potential channel partner. If you want to flourish in this sector, you need to be aware of your competition. It also helps to have some cultural understanding. It’s common knowledge that Germans and Japanese approach negotiations in different ways. But what exactly are these differences, and what methods are at play here?
Debox professionals can tell the difference between a courteous yes and a genuine yes. This allows you to close a transaction more quickly. You may need the assistance of a local lawyer for this, since even if you aim to enforce your country’s legislation on a distribution or agency arrangement, local law may make this difficult. As a result, please review the legal requirements for your contract, including how agents are protected.
Consider us a short-term, part-time addition to your staff. The following are some of the many advantages of working with us:
We are immediately accessible and productive for short-term projects.
There is no need to open a branch overseas or recruit an employee to work there full-time.
There are no hidden charges, such as those of a training and/or search agency.

We often offer a fixed price for our services with clearly defined objectives and milestones, or a monthly retainer for a broader variety of responsibilities. If you prefer, we may arrange a long session to examine your requirements, identify areas where we may help, and set out a complete strategy for how we might do so. You may speak with a person directly or use the button below to contact us.
Debox makes it easier to communicate with quality leads to grow your business.
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